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Happy 2009

2009-01-01 11:32:33 by EyelessArchfiend

Last night was a trip... Shwoo... This is going to be a big year for me. I turn 18 in March and graduate high school in June. Probably going off to Kutztown University for graphic design or architecture... Not sure yet. The idea of my future scares me.

So happy New Year, fellow Newgroundians... Newground-ee-aahns... Newground-oh-wahns... Newgrondians?

Anchorman for teh lul joke


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2009-01-11 01:31:36

yeah you too let this year be filled with drunken memory


2009-01-14 19:13:36

graduating? yesh im at PSU main campus now man. dont go kutztown, go psu. it fucking rocks up here