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Bad Salvia Trip

2009-06-22 01:43:34 by EyelessArchfiend

: Just a heads up, this is kind of a long story. No TL;DR, either read it or don't. Only read this if you're into psychoactive drugs and have a good 5-10 minutes to spend on reading and have an attention span greater than that of a 2-year-old.

I was in Atlantic City, NJ, and bought some salvia on the boardwalk since those people pride themselves in selling a perfectly legal drug.

I brought it to my friend's house and smoked it in a bowl with my girlfriend. We both decided we weren't getting anything off it, and I was beginning to wonder if I had been ripped off and sold incense or potpourri. I was set on smoking until I felt something, just to be sure. So sure enough, I was getting that slight, weak high you would get from some cheap shwag.

Well nothing happened after 2 bowls, and my friend told me to use his Waterfall (soda bottle that's kinda like an upside down bong). Two more of our friends showed up and we went into his bathroom to smoke it. I got a gigantic hit and began to feel really chill and relaxed. After about a minute, I lost control. My knees buckled and I stared at the ceiling not knowing who the people in the room were, where I was, or where I was going. I was scared as shit and about to flip the fuck out at someone until I regained consciousness.

One of my friends said something that was worth a quick "ha" in response, and nothing more. I started with a "ha" and trailed into a "ha... aaaah-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAHAHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAA-" and I was slowly falling towards the floor. My dickhead friend brought me out to the living room so the rest of the people there could see me laughing uncontrollably like a fucking moron. I was drooling from laughing so hard, my head was pounding, and I felt like I was about to cry. This lasted about two minutes, but it felt like ten. I then asked "why are we laughing?," and made my way to my seat on the sofa.

It was a long, painful, and awkward silence and everyone was staring at me, as I was the only one fucked up in a room full of sober kids. The only way I can describe how I felt is to say I felt like I was in a marketplace. It makes absolutely no sense, but that's how I felt. The off-white color projected on the walls seemed to envelope everything in the room and blare the contrast to make everything brighter. When I focused on the walls I thought they were tan bricks, and I couldn't help but imagine windows on the walls with curtains blowing out of them. It was retarded. Any time someone would talk to me, I could see a bright outline of their head, each hair, the movement of their lips.

At one point I described myself as feeling "electric;" I could feel a tingling in my fingertips and I could feel the energy in the room. This, which I didn't realize until several minutes later when my trip was coming to an end, is a feeling I get only when I have anxiety attacks and/ or fainting from high blood pressure. I was also sweating like crazy and the veins in my eyes were pounding. I was drenched in sweat and described it as a "stupidly warm rain shower."

This was only one gram of 20 atomiX (5x), and it cost me $25 on the boardwalk. This was the cheapest one I could buy, as it was the least powerful. I got home and saw you could get the same amount and strength for $15 on the website.

: The "dickhead friend" from before wants to smoke 180x with me, and I'm scared shitless.

Bad Salvia Trip


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2009-06-22 04:47:13

some scary shit dude, if you go for the stronger stuff maybe take it a little slower lol


2009-07-10 12:33:23

Yeah, if that had that much effect, maybe you shouldn't if it's 9 times stronger.
Then again, this is old, did you do it??


2009-07-10 21:02:23