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YTMND's Max Threatened with Lawsuit

2007-07-24 03:00:50 by EyelessArchfiend

The site's founder and creator, Max, is being threatened with multiple lawsuits due to the users on YTMND creating sites which give away the ending to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Just to show a few examples:

SPOILERS FOLLOW /8e4e188cbee1712f7033969626c8f692.jpg /8e4e188cbee1712f7033969626c8f692.jpg /6af8b92ba2853c1cd4abbaaf25980fc1.jpg /0e68744e8a7e80721c320e0871ac047e.jpg
http://harrypotterfuckingsucks.ytmnd.c om/ /52f0f812c221f0fce632c89e3010df4e.jpg /8cceff1d0061abb01d0c1f150654ae98.jpg /8e4e188cbee1712f7033969626c8f692.jpg /f5a0ab7817da178a79d4ed755fc2ae4f.gif

I don't see how he can be sued for copyright infringement, but this whole situation cracks me up :)


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2007-07-24 23:35:38


I hope he counter-sues them and wins millions.