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My Angry Faic Shirt Is Here!

2008-09-05 15:16:18 by EyelessArchfiend

Maybe the people at the USPS read my complaint thread yesterday and decided to finally send me my shirt.

But it came today along with two NG Tank Logo stickers (one of which is on my guitar case) and an Angry Faic sticker.

A few friends of mine have been drawing the angry faic all throughout the school when we find an opportunity, so wearing this to school should be fun... For the first few times, anyway.


Angry Faic Tee Shirt

2008-08-30 11:26:12 by EyelessArchfiend

I just hit up the NG store for fun to see if there were any updates. The store is now fully stocked with a more easily-navigable layout.

And on top of this, I found that Tom heard my cries!

They finally had an Angry Faic tee shirt in black, and in Medium. So I decided to stop bitching and paid the $20, plus $4.80 for Priority Mail shipping.

So if all goes well it should be here on Monday.

Not to be an asshole, but it really is. I understand they'd like to make a profit of a foundation they've built up for 10 years, but look at the shirts. You're looking at a screen printing about 4" X 4" on a cheap tee shirt.

I could buy a pack of plain tee's and a pack of transfer sheets from Wal-Mart for like $15, but they charge $20+SH and tax.

The shirts should really only be like $12. I was thinking of getting either the Angri Faic tee (if there was more to it, it came in Medium, and in black) or the black NG tank shirt, but I don't feel like waiting a few days and paying out the ass for something I could make in a day for half the price.

I know my rant won't do anything, but damn. Am I alone here?

The Dark Knight

2008-07-18 03:20:38 by EyelessArchfiend

I honestly don't care if there's some Official Dark Knight thread somewhere made by some UNofficial asshole who wants to try to have pride in something on the internet. Here's my thread:

And yes, spoilers may follow, however major or insignificant they may be.

Maggie Gyllenhaal did a much better job of playing Rachel Dawes than Katie Holmes did in Batman Begins, but Katie's absence in this movie may have been due to some Scientology bullshit or whatever. Although I hate Heath Ledger, he made a badass Joker, and I'm curious as to how they're going to keep his character in the third addition to the series when the actor is dead. But whatever.

Let's see, I thought it was dumb that Two-Face died when his awesome role only lasted a whopping half hour. Also dumb that his face was mutated from an oil-fire in this movie, but the Joker's face was mutated from acid in the original series. No one cares; moving on.

Christian Bale puts on this ridiculous 5-pack-a-day voice when he's in the Batman costume for God knows what reason, and it pissed me off kinda throughout the whole movie.

Awesome deaths, lots of explosions, Morgan Freeman being boring and somehow witty like how he is in every movie... good dialogue, decent humor, good acting, awesome action scenes, the works.

I give it a 9/10 for various reasons. If you disagree, fuck yaself.

TL;DR - Batman dies along with the Joker, and Commissioner Gordon gains control of Gotham

The Incredible Hulk

2008-06-14 02:11:49 by EyelessArchfiend

- was excellent. I would say it was an incredible movie, but that's just fucking dumb.

This movie had pretty much everything the 2003 version didn't: action, plot, and Edward Norton. Plus Jennifer Connely looks like a boy, so Liv Tyler definitely kicked her ass in this one. Not to mention they put Abomination in this one and made him look really badass. I wonder if Pumpkin from Pulp Fiction knew he would be playing a pissed-off Abomination in 14 years. lol.

This movie, however, did have a shitty appearance of Stan Lee as opposed to his other cameos in the Marvel movies. At least in Iron Man he showed up as Hugh Heffner, but in this one he just drinks a Brazilian soda and dies. What the fuck was that?

I'm really glad the Hulk had a chance to make a comeback since that godawful mess they made in 2003. If you haven't seen it, do so when you get a chance. Or just rent it/ download it, since all you assholes are like, "ZOMG HOLLYWOOD JUST FINISHED MAKING A MOVIE. I THINK I'LL GO DESTROY THEIR PROFITS WITH A MILLION OTHER ASSHOLES JUST LIKE I DO WITH THE MUSIC I SO AVIDLY LISTEN TO!"


2008-06-04 22:56:06 by EyelessArchfiend

I just copied my reply from a thread I just posted in, because I figured it made sense. Feel free to read:

If anything, I'm borderline Christian. I would say I'm sitting on the fence with Agnosticism on the other side, but I really don't have a name for my beliefs. I share beliefs from multiple religions, with a hint of my own.

I think I've decided that when people ask what religion I am, I'll just say, "I don't know, religion is too much to worry about for me. I am what you want me to be."

And walk away with them being confused. If I called myself a Christian, or Catholic, or Jew, or Muslim, or Buddhist, or Atheist, or Agnostic, or Nihilist, or anything else, there would still be too much from that religion (or lack thereof) that I find too hard to accept or believe, and therefore I don't have a title for my beliefs.

Religion just doesn't affect me how it affects others, and I'm fine with that. No one can change what I believe, and they are truly out of their minds if they try.

Checked it out last Friday. Hit up my MySpace to see the pictures and/ or check out this site: 9/linfield-industrial-park.html

New Flash Project Started!

2008-05-12 00:22:27 by EyelessArchfiend

Recently I've reverted back to a lot of my previous musical preferences of bands from the 60's-70's, and I was just listening to The Who last night. While listening to the song 'Boris the Spider' a thought occurred and I knew I had to make this bizarre animation of a guy awoken in his room by a spider crawling about on his walls and floor, who eventually meets his untimely demise when he is ground into the carpet by a heavy book.

I'll have this done soon. Wish me luck, assholes. Leave me some luff:

New Flash Project Started!

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2008-04-26 17:40:45 by EyelessArchfiend

And I shall reply. Watch my toons and shit FUCKA.


2008-03-03 17:24:36 by EyelessArchfiend

3-13-08: My fourth year on Newgrounds
3-22-08: My 17th birthday.

FUCK Y'ALL NIG- oh wait...